Our History

Our family-owned company has a history of building and maintaining reliable and dependable boats since 1937.  Williamson Boat Works was first founded as a company to build wooden tunneled hulls, under the leadership of Everett Williamson and his son Nard.   Williamson Boat Works built many boats under contract with the state of Texas.  In 1956 Williamson Boat Works also under contract built two wooden tenders for the Corps of Engineers, U.S Army Galveston District.

It was Nard’s desire to move the company into the leasing of commercial vessels, when the task of hand-building wooden boats became cost prohibited.  At that time, Nard and his wife Louise purchased their first crewboat, also a wooden hull. The move from wooden vessels to Aluminum hull and superstructure vessels began in 1976 with the purchase of a 47 ft crewboat.

“We’ll do a good job at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but we’ll always do a good job.”